Top lesbian dating sites

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Top  lesbian dating sites

But Exton found that dating apps for lesbians were few and akin to Grindr, a service for gay men that is infamous for flings.

So Exton, a former marketer, created Her, a free app for women looking to date other women.

It was not immediately clear why Rela has been shut down.

The company did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Just throwing a list up, so don’t think about the order.

Pinksofa Pinkcupid OKCupid (some fake profiles)Match (many fake profiles)Her (Good!

I actually have glasses but they never stay on my face for too long. Ive had a nasty past but that isnt representative of my future, at all.

"Not being able to open it feels like being jilted," wrote another.I love traveling especially to blue waters, palm trees and warm sunny sandy beaches!! I like animals, especially arthropods, canines, marsupials and amphibians. I mostly listen to punk rock, but I like rap, EDM, folk punk, lo-fi, experimental rock and similar stuff as well. I enjoy rollerblading in thunderstorms (and in sunny weather too), playing ping pong, tennis, and hitting up the 19. Honestly, I identify a little bit with all of the houses, and thats what makes me a Slytherin!My favorite food groups are coffee, wine, beer and goat cheese. I work hard but in my spare time I go to plays, musicals, movies, i love trying new restaurants, going for long walks by the water, photography, and laughing till my sides hurt. XD Anything that has a lesbian/bi character in it, i have watched.L-Word, Orphan Black, The 100, Lost Girl, Orange is the New Black, The Fosters...Hell, ive watched Grey's anatomy and Glee just because I knew there was lesbians in it. I watched Glee because I was a child and didnt know better.

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Whether you’re in a small town or a major city, there are other LGBT people near you. There’s nothing more affirming than having a group of LGBT friends, but if you’re struggling to meet people near you, try finding friends online.