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The following are the various methods that can be used to opt out of receiving unsolicited text messages on your mobile phone for MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat networks.

If you accept you, others can’t poke at you, or, if they do, you’ll just laugh and say “Yes. In a harmonious relationship, the information you provide keeps things flowing smoothly. You can easily simply discard what doesn’t appear important to you. If I say “Your dress looks awful on you,” I am not telling you about the dress.

Let folks lead their own lives and keep your nose in yours, unless of course, they ask for your opinion. I am telling you that I am an insincere, thoughtless so-called friend with a cruel streak.

Or maybe you don’t, because you rather enjoy their shocked reactions? If you spend time hating them, you won’t have time to love the folks who are there now. There are people who aren’t really interested in what is good for you. They didn’t bring much into your life anyway, and they just aren’t worth your time in mourning over their being gone. The guy who stays and helps you carry out the empties is a real friend and deserves your loyalty and support. People in the UK buy “suspended coffees” in advance for the homeless. You will serve your harmonious relationships better if you listen to your friends more than you give them advice. If you want a promotion, do an extraordinary job in the job you’re in. Full self-love and full self-acceptance is not based on conditions.

Either way, to maintain a harmonious relationship with others is desirable because these relationships will support you as you unfold your way toward perfect understanding across the years of your life. Forgive them and move into your own next best experience. Real friends deserve your support, just as they support you. If you make a decision in your mind that you will treat everyone with tolerance, kindness and respect, you will feel fabulous regardless of how they treat you. Who are the folks in your life you’d like to do nice things for? Forever friends don’t require daily chats, but a tap on the shoulder occasionally keeps a harmonious relationship intact. People can handle your “I don’t want to” much better than finding you’re not going to show up when you said you would. I know of a father who told his daughter “I can’t love you unless you’re thin, married, and Catholic.” That is conditional love.

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