Dating hofners

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Dating hofners

Sorta have that look to me, and it would fit, being as the op is located in Aus...

Oh- and for what it's worth I think it would fetch a little more than 2-300...despite the reduced collectibility caused by the modifications, I'd say it's still worth more to a player than say, a new Alden or something which would be 250 or so.

I have a Hofner President guitar serial # 8047 in pretty good overall condition except for some fret wear and and the socket for the lead has been pushed into the body. It worked ok last time I played it a couple of years ago. So maybe the pickups were an aftermarket fit, but it doesn't look that way as they fit and look like they were original (? Do you know if this guitar has any value Mike as I am looking to sell it to a good home hopefully! I'd say that the pickups and electrics are all aftermarket.

I haven't been able to date this guitar exactly as it is electric and the closest I have come is maybe an early 60's President Archtop acoustic. The rear p/up has 6 holes in the black section and the front one doesn't.

The Spaghetti logo on the headstock is in great shape, and next to the original round string-retainer there is another hole, professionally plugged and touched-up, from some mysterious "thing" once screwed to the headstock; whatever it was, it's out of the strings line, in a position which makes meaningless another string-retainer, so I have no explaination for it. Also the tone and volume knobs and the trem-arm and switch tips are made of bakelite. A true classic, back in print with an updated section covering 1994 to today!This book celebrates the glory years of Hofner, the company made famous by the Beatles' bassist Paul Mc Cartney's use of their left-handed 1962 500/1 model.As current editor of "Guitar Techniques" magazine and former editor of "Guitarist", he has met and interviewed dozens of legendary guitarists, from Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler to Brian May and George Harrison.He plays guitar in British rock and roller Marty Wilde's Wildcats, a position he has enjoyed since 1983.

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25.2” scale, round C neck carve with a 1-3/4” bone nut.

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