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The Odyssey House Minority Empowerment Group for Addiction (OHmega) Program is a no cost three to six month program that provides outpatient treatment services to racial/ethnic minority women who are who are suffering from substance use and are at high risk for HIV or are living with HIV.Our objective is to educate and empower African American, Hispanic/Latina, and other minority women to conquer their addiction with a program centered on their needs.Please either contact him ahead of time to request one, or allow for an hour to burn one. Please use some of the links below for information related to the end of summer and the start of school.School Information Student Reference Sheet (pdf) Academic Information Click here for a link to all summer reading assignments.If you are interested, fill out our order form and contact Mr. Note: These are NOT the cap and gown senior pictures.

The staff attorney assists clients in filing the Petition for Protection from Abuse and the Temporary Restraining Order and provides support and representation at court hearings. Metro has a trained advocate and case manager to assist victims of human trafficking and a lawyer to help with immigration issues.

Aside from the law, politics and public policy, Jeremy enjoys a deep faith; being with family; committing himself to personal and professional growth, and traveling to new places.

Currently doing volunteer work with three lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) advocacy organizations, Micah Caswell lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with a focus in Performance Studies at Louisiana State University.

He has been a part of roundtable discussions on a number of controversial social issues where he provided a voice of moderation and led the search for common ground.

He is committed to a progressive vision of America that is inclusive in its framework and responsive to all segments of the electorate.

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Human Trafficking Advocacy - Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Stalking Information - Metro offers updated and helpful information on stalking.