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Existing tests of musical ability or aptitude, with the exception of the Seashore battery, have largely been drawn up from the musician’s standpoint. in the construction of test items has been almost universal; this approach being to a considerable extent the result of the view that only measurements taken 'in situ', that is in a musical context, have any value.This does not accord with the psychometric position which places emphasis on the predictive value of test items, but makes no statement about what the nature of items must be.If you are interested in receiving a high resolution image of an artwork for educational, scholarly, or publication purposes, please contact us at [email protected] resource is for educational use and its contents may not be reproduced without permission.Vertical force required to detach recently transplanted sod from underlying soil was the measure of root anchoring strength.In early spring, date of sod harvest and transplantation was important to root growth and anchorage measured 30 days after transplantation.

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The present study is an attempt to construct a battery of tests of musical aptitude from the point of view of the psychologist.

The approach is simply psychometric, and involves the use of elementary signal detection, and information, theory.

In addition, there are reasons for supposing that the types of material selected have less experiential and cultural bias than other testing systems. Firstly there is an examination of existing test batteries, and of certain factorial studies of these batteries.

In this section an attempt is made to define such terms as 'musical ability', 'aptitude', and 'ability'.

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